On behalf of the Number 43 Foundation, it gives me great pleasure, once again, to invite you to be part of this year’s Annual Legacy Event, which will be held 21-22 June 2024, at the Khaya Ibhubesi Conference Centre, in Parys. We owe it to the people of Parys, and Tumahole in particular, for hosting one of the most historic and emotional Legacy Events, in its 15 years of existence, last year.

Once again, we will be having an illustrious assembly of guests of honour, to grace the occasion. This year’s guest speaker for the Annual Public Lecture will be none other than, Tony Ehrenreich. Tony is the Cosatu Provincial Secretary – Western Cape. He will share his thoughts about the role of organsied labour, as a critical community that brought South Africa to where it is today. He will also paint a picture about the likely future impact of this community on the country.

Our agitator for this year’s Business Breakfast Roundtable will be Simon Denny. Simon is the CEO of Goldman Sachs International Bank, Johannesburg Branch. He will deal with the topic of Preparing Youth Beyond the Place of Work in South Africa, to a Global World. He will pay some attention on entrepreneurship and what constraints South Africa poses for these dreams. This year, 2024, theme will be “COMMUNITY & FAMILY”. The theme is informed by the important role these units played during the liberation struggle and how they continue to be essential today. It is also informed by how we grew to appreciate these during the COVID-19 lockdown. Lastly, the occurrences leading to last year’s Legacy Event, namely, the deaths of the Patriarch of the Masilela Family, uSolomon Buthongo Masilela and the Mother to our dear Guest Speaker, uMama Sally Motlana – bear importance. May their souls rest in peace. As a result of these untimely and sad losses of people precious to us, the Annual Gala Dinner was transformed into a Celebration of Lives. Deep gratitude goes to Bishops Malusi Mpumlwana and Zwanini Shabalala, who led the Celebration. We hope to spend the weekend with those South African Families who were exiled in Swaziland, Previous Guest Speakers and extended Family of Number 43. In particular, the Motlana and Moroka Families will join to further celebrate the lives we lost.

It will also be an opportunity to formally unveil our Friends of Number 43 page on the website. This records our proud historical and intellectual journey, as a Family and Foundation. In support of this theme, this year’s dress code is yellow and black. The dress code is in recognition of the Love, Light and Life we have and continue to enjoy, as Families and Communities we come from!

We look forward, to yet another re-energising weekend for South Africa, Swaziland and the entire continent.


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